Central Ohio Tech Founder Pleads Guilty to Five Felonies

This headline is about me, Mike Neubig.

My favorite priest once told me, “Everyone has sins and has made mistakes and engaged in negative begaviors leading to shameful life events. I listen to them every day in confession. The only difference is yours have been made public”.

Imagine a world where all of our most shameful moments were in the news. The media would cover, “Anne gets a divorce, Bob lost his job for the third time, Betsy was the only mom late to pick up her kids, Dan didn’t tell the bank teller she gave him an extra $20″…. and so on. How do we measure the level and impact of mistakes made by all humans at our worse moments?

There are no perfect structures or people, theres only the struggle to get there.

This is the unfortunate reality of those of us in the White Collar Justice Impacted community. Our greatest embarrassments, shameful moments and root of our post conviction issues are covered by multiple sources for everyone to see. In the age of the internet, that means for many years and millions of eyes. The news is an important part of societal rights for access to current events, ability to form an opinion and protect the 1st ammendment. Therefore, White Collar Justice Impacted individuals can only hope the readers/viewers consider the events surrounding our conviction, remember their own misgivings, and form a compassionate response to our stories.

In my experience, the reactions are a mixed bag ranging from support and encouragement, to remaining a contact, but silent to our struggles, to those who drop us altogether. The work we must do on ourselves involves coming to grips with the fact we can’t control the response of others. But, being put in front of thousands of others for judgement is not easy.

Once again, I am writing this in hope of calling to attention the struggle for employment that the Justice Impacted White Collar individuals face. We ask that employers consider our past actions and related press coverage within the lens of compassion and understanding that we are no different than anyone else, except our gravest errors have been made public.

All God asks of us is honesty and humility, no one else should ask for more.

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