You Make Me Afraid of the WORST Part of Me

Forgiveness and where it comes from.

Some things are easy to forgive while others seem near impossible. Every sin or wrong doing against us brings pain, loss of trust, loss of faith in others, and can turn our world upside down.

So, its no wonder some events eat at us and we hold onto them for years or decades. But, is it the damage that was caused to us we can’t forgive or is it the reminder that, within each of us, lies the possibility of causing the same harm to someone else?

I know a lady in the community who experienced the ultimate act of pain and suffering against her. While away at college her son was murdered and tortured by other young men. Who basically said they did it to “feel what its like to kill another human”.

You would think that this act would never be forgiveable. Instead, she visits her sons killers in prison regularly and has started a foundation and after school program for low-income kids, in order to provide the security and safety the killers never had.

Her response to pain and suffering is the ultimate example of courage. Because, it takes courage to again believe in people and a world that can be trusted and secure.

The courage to forgive means;

Just because someone committed murder, doesn’t mean their soul shouldn’t be attended to for retribution.

Just because somone is/was dependent on drugs/alcohol, doesn’t mean they should never be given the chance to be chemical free.

Just because someone stole money, doesn’t mean they can never be trusted with it again.

Just because someone received a speeding ticket, doesn’t mean they should never again be allowed to drive in a school zone.

The list could go on and on. I believe that is not always the action we can’t forgive, but instead the feeling by association;

You Make Me Afraid of The WORST Part of Me.

I have experienced this treatment repeatedly as a White Collar convicted felon. Because all of us have had that moment where we have made the wrong choice, the moment we are ashamed of, the moment our most evil, hurtful side was revealed. I have been shunned by a siginificant number, because I represent the choice they never want to make. The person they never want to be. The life everyone knows they are one action away from having.

It’s easier to turn our heads to all who have wronged us, committed a crime or brought pain and loss on society. To do otherwise takes courage many of us can’t muster. Because, if we forgive them and live along side them, we will be reminded of how bad we all can be. The human condition escapes no one and we are guilty by association.

I suggest we choose courage, forgiveness, acceptance and 2nd chances instead of disassociation. If not, our circle of friends and colleauges will become very small. There are humans all around us and part of being human is sinning upon others.

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