WILL NO ONE HIRE THIS MAN? (Plus, tips for surviving prison.)

Wonderful story by Jane Wells- Will No One Hire This Man (Plus, tips for surviving prison). on Wells Street Bulletin regarding the challenges myself and others face in our journey to return to productive citizens after a criminal conviction. If you don’t already follow her bulletin, do so soon… you will love her unique slantContinue reading “WILL NO ONE HIRE THIS MAN? (Plus, tips for surviving prison.)”

When Trauma Destroys Confidence- How Do We Rebuild?

After several years of intermittent work and jobs I lost for a multitude of reasons related to my damaged reputation, I have finally re-entered the professional workplace. I always imagined that building the confidence and trust would be most difficult in the eyes of the employer who finally hired me, but I was wrong. Instead,Continue reading “When Trauma Destroys Confidence- How Do We Rebuild?”