Why Ted Lasso is the Ultimate, Modern Day Man

Vulnerability For the last few years, Jason Sudeikis has blessed the watchers of the show, Ted Lasso (on AppleTV), with a new kind of leader. Called on to be the coach of a middling football club in the U.K., he is expected to fail and do so in a way that embarrasses himself and theContinue reading “Why Ted Lasso is the Ultimate, Modern Day Man”

You Make Me Afraid of the WORST Part of Me

Forgiveness and where it comes from. Some things are easy to forgive while others seem near impossible. Every sin or wrong doing against us brings pain, loss of trust, loss of faith in others, and can turn our world upside down. So, its no wonder some events eat at us and we hold onto themContinue reading “You Make Me Afraid of the WORST Part of Me”

WILL NO ONE HIRE THIS MAN? (Plus, tips for surviving prison.)

Wonderful story by Jane Wells- Will No One Hire This Man (Plus, tips for surviving prison). on Wells Street Bulletin regarding the challenges myself and others face in our journey to return to productive citizens after a criminal conviction. If you don’t already follow her bulletin, do so soon… you will love her unique slantContinue reading “WILL NO ONE HIRE THIS MAN? (Plus, tips for surviving prison.)”

I am guilty and so are you. A call to action.

“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are outraged as those who are”. Benjamin Franklin. Throughout most of my life, this statement applied to me. I had a framework of the criminal justice system, jails, and prisons solely from TV, movies, and a brief mention of a charitable visit to a prisonContinue reading “I am guilty and so are you. A call to action.”

The Hidden Lesson in the Elizabeth Holmes Trial

Insight from someone with a similar criminal conviction. A week from today, September 8th, opening arguments begin in the Elizabeth Holmes (Theranos) Federal Criminal case. Like me, many of you have watched the multitude of documentaries and movies chronicling her story of deceit that cost investors hundreds of millions of dollars. All the while thinking,Continue reading “The Hidden Lesson in the Elizabeth Holmes Trial”

Be Careful, Someone May Think You Like Me

Professional outcasts and how we respond. Throughout history there have been groups of people that are outcasts. It occurs for many reasons, but what I am most interested in is the emotional and spiritual response of those who encounter them and their ensuing aversion. Human responses to outcasts are brought on by thoughts and feelingsContinue reading “Be Careful, Someone May Think You Like Me”

Interviewing from “Top to Bottom”

This photo is when I would interview potential employees “from the top”. As Founder and CEO, I thought I had it all down. We’d put the candidates through intense screening, and I would join only after my managers had weeded out all but the best. My focus was more on how lucky they were toContinue reading “Interviewing from “Top to Bottom””

7 Myths Regarding Employing White Collar Convicts

Preferrably named the White Collar Justice Impacted Community (WCJIC). Myth: The WCJIC had their chance and blew it, compared to other disadvantaged convicts, they don’t deserve pity and another chance. Reality: Those that I know in the WCJIC are remorseful for destroyong the opportunity they had in an influencial, well paying position. In the endContinue reading “7 Myths Regarding Employing White Collar Convicts”

What do your co-workers REALLY think about you?

That’s a scary question. We all think we have an idea of where we stand, what persona we exude and how difficult we’d be to replace at work and home. But do we really know? Can you imagine the morning you wake up to face the results of a survey provided to your co-workers andContinue reading “What do your co-workers REALLY think about you?”

Trying to Buy What Can’t Be Bought

This a line from one of my favorite songs, Old Before Your Time by Ray LaMontagne. It exemplifies many of my actions in my early and mid-adult life. Growing up in a poor family and watching/listening to my parents diminish their self worth based upon their income, along with putting the rich on a pedestal,Continue reading “Trying to Buy What Can’t Be Bought”