Why Ted Lasso is the Ultimate, Modern Day Man

Vulnerability For the last few years, Jason Sudeikis has blessed the watchers of the show, Ted Lasso (on AppleTV), with a new kind of leader. Called on to be the coach of a middling football club in the U.K., he is expected to fail and do so in a way that embarrasses himself and theContinue reading “Why Ted Lasso is the Ultimate, Modern Day Man”

White Collar Criminals Should Run the Country

Wow, I got your attention there didn’t I. I can see everyone’s mind racing about what a ridiculous statement this is. Afterall, aren’t these the people that have broken the trust of others, stealing, embezzling, engaged in corruption, Ponzi schemes, back office mayhem and other tricks to devoid others of funds? I am sure thatContinue reading “White Collar Criminals Should Run the Country”