You Make Me Afraid of the WORST Part of Me

Forgiveness and where it comes from. Some things are easy to forgive while others seem near impossible. Every sin or wrong doing against us brings pain, loss of trust, loss of faith in others, and can turn our world upside down. So, its no wonder some events eat at us and we hold onto themContinue reading “You Make Me Afraid of the WORST Part of Me”

Trying to Buy What Can’t Be Bought

This a line from one of my favorite songs, Old Before Your Time by Ray LaMontagne. It exemplifies many of my actions in my early and mid-adult life. Growing up in a poor family and watching/listening to my parents diminish their self worth based upon their income, along with putting the rich on a pedestal,Continue reading “Trying to Buy What Can’t Be Bought”

White Collar Criminals Should Run the Country

Wow, I got your attention there didn’t I. I can see everyone’s mind racing about what a ridiculous statement this is. Afterall, aren’t these the people that have broken the trust of others, stealing, embezzling, engaged in corruption, Ponzi schemes, back office mayhem and other tricks to devoid others of funds? I am sure thatContinue reading “White Collar Criminals Should Run the Country”